Local 270 Mission Statement

Objectives and Goals

This Union can advance any purpose or objectives, if we can collectively bring our members together to accomplish what needs to be done. With over 70 years of history and experience, our Officers, Executive Board and Stewards can guide us as we confront the challenges of the future.

As a member your involvement and personal commitment to this Union is paramount in determining the destiny of Local 270. Each member will influence the fulfillment of our goals. The Officers, Executive Board and Stewards encourage all members to read, understand and put in use daily, the objectives and goals of our Union.

The Mission

The mission of Local 270 is to provide its members with a strong voice in the workplace and in the community. Our goals are to continue to negotiate a viable contract for the betterment of our members. To negotiate with whomever the respective owners are, within the jurisdictional responsibilities of Local 270. To continue to maintain and improve the wages, benefits and a secure pension plan. Also, to improve the standard of living of our members and families, to insure a safe and healthy workplace that will affirm the dignity and value of our lives.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • The active participation and involvement of our members;
  • Members serving members, promote the belief that services to members should be by Local 270 members;
  • Effective bargaining and representation at the workplace;
  • Active participation in the political and legislative process, including deregulation;
  • Involvement in social and community affairs;
  • The active pursuit of alliances with other Unions and organizations who share our concerns; and
  • Organizing to increase the strength and influence of the Union as a whole.


General Officers

2018 - 2021


Frank J. Meznarich, Sr.


Chris Ericksen


Alfred Leak


James Cantale


Samantha Kundrat

Union Hotline

Election Updates

Food Fund Drive

Local 270 is collecting funds for our Annual Food Fund Drive. The money will be exclusively spent to supply food certificates for our members on no pay or half pay status.

Funds collected are to be sent to the Union office (by check, made payable to "Local 270 Food Fund") as often as possible.

Please do your best to contribute to this year's drive.

Thank You
Local 270 Food Fund Committee

Monthly Meetings

Executive Board

1st Thursday of the Month

Ashtabula Division

2nd Monday of the Month

Avon Division

2nd Tuesday of the Month

Cleveland Division

2nd Wednesday of the Month

Water Division

3rd Monday of the Month

Perry Technicians Division

3rd Wednesday of the Month

Check Bulletin Boards for Times / Locations
or Visit the Respective Division Page

Office Location

1400 East Schaaf Rd.
Brooklyn Heights, OH. 44131

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00am to 4:00pm

Office Staff


Frank J. Meznarich, Sr.


Chris Ericksen


Samantha Kundrat